Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winsome Wednesday: Flexible e-Paper

Now, there is an e-book reader that is the size of a sheet of printer paper AND it’s made of flexible e-Paper. The dream of Roswell style alien technology is now a reality. Whatever we can dream, we can make.
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The Skiff reader is noted for being the slimmest eReader device in the market. The Skiff Reader is a fully touchscreen capable device that features a large, high-resolution electronic-paper display measuring in at 11.5″ (diagonally) and a resolution of 1200 x 1600 pixels (UXGA).
This device is also the first to feature “Metal Foil” e-paper technology, making it unusually flexible.
This may be the only eReader the publishing world will get excited about—its claim-to-fame being its direct correlation with Hearst Corp. Newspaper, magazine and blog publishers will also be able to sell and integrate display advertising alongside the content that Skiff delivers, presenting a new feature to the e-reading mainstream market.

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Ali Hall said...

My mum has just bought a kindle and is very impressed with it, because she can now carry around thousands and thousands of books with her so it is very handy when she is traveling for work. However, when she is home she still enjoys the real thing and I have to say that I find that I read better on paper than I do off the screen.
Th touch aspect of this Skiff reader is interesting as is it's flexibility (how flexible is "flexible" though?) and I will be interested to see how it fares.
I still think that the future lies somewhere in all of these great gadgets being combined so that they do more than just one thing.
Thanks for the post :)

samccoy said...

The Kindle is an exceptional piece of technology. I imagine your mother really is enjoying using it.

Even though I like to read paper books, I am really interested in the various types of e-book readers. I think this Skiff reader would be worth looking at because it may be light enough to give the paper book some competition. I too wondered what "flexible" means.

If designers can ever prevent the flickering light issue, I will probably be convinced to use the e-book reader. Thanks for the informative review.