Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday's Simple Subject: LinkBacks

Silver Links by Jimby K
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
Are you using linkbacks, also known as trackbacks, to help track your blog posts?

Last year, I discussed an issue of concern among our professional learning network It's the issue of people not referencing someone else's work and calling it their own.

Many of you commented on this topic, so I've investigated some processes that can help the author minimize these problems.

While I discovered many blog authors who have trackback urls, I learned that Blogger doesn't. They do have a linkback procedure. Google Help refers to backlinks that you can set by going to the Settings on your Blogger dashboard, under Comments. There are many caveats, so I would recommend that you read the help reference thoroughly before you try to set up your back links in Blogger hosted blog posts.

If you are looking for linkbacks or trackbacks on other blogs, they may also be called pingbacks or, rarely, refbacks. I also look for these at the end of a blog post. I use these urls when I link the blogs in my post, so the author can actually see how their blog post was referenced.

What is your procedure for trackbacks?

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