Friday, January 1, 2010

McTeach and the Map!

It's all about the learning and having fun makes it better. Karen McMillan, @McTeach, develops the research based presentations for teachers wanting to use technology in their classroom to inspire and improve learning. Her presentations are smart, informative and easy to use right away, plus she invites the participants to join our Professional Learning Network (PLN).

When they join our ad hoc network, they have access to teachers and others interested in improving technology use in education from around the world. The participants can refer to their new network for ideas and guidance. Later, as they become comfortable being part of a worlwide network, they can pay it forward by inviting more people to the network.

For her latest presentation, Karen will share ways to use a Google Map to connect to an education network. In her blog, Notes From McTeach: Where Are You My Wonderful PLN?, she asked her Professional Learning Network (PLN) to help out by adding our geographic locations to the Google Map she developed. Each of us entered our name and a bit about ourselves, including our online presence in her PLN.

 If you are interested in following us, you can reach us on Plurk, Twitter and other similar networks.


Karen McMillan said...

Thank you so much for writing this! The map has now had well over 1700 views, and the pins and other placemarks are popping up all over the world! Is it really that silly how happy it makes me to see this? Or is it an excellent demonstration of what global collaboration could look like?

Thanks again for helping to make this happen! I truly appreciate it!!

samccoy said...

Karen, thank you for providing such an excellent topic for my blog. It's easy to write about activities that are really effective ways for teachers to use technology in their classes.