Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Winsome Wednesday

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Today, I am introducing Winsome Wednesdays.

I will discuss interesting, curious and joyous ideas.

These are topics of interest to me that I think are related to education.

I hope you will enjoy them.

For my first Winsome Wednesday whimsy, I am featuring, Muxicall, so other educators can learn more about this simple, yet powerful web application.

Muxicall is an interactive online web application that helps people, anywhere online, interface through music. Created by a young student, Diana Antunes, Muxicall is a superb online application that everyone should enjoy.

You don't need to know anything about music to use Muxicall. Just go to the website and play around with the interface. I was most impressed when a friend joined me there. After a few squeaks and squarks, we fell into a synchronicity of musical interactions. It was a type of communications.

I will leave it up to you to decide, but I think there are a multitude of uses for this web application, Muxicall.

Particularly, I thought it might help children with interaction issues. It has a clean, minimalist interface. Its ease of use and wonderfully vibrant results could help draw them into interactions online that might lead to more face to face interactions with music. Music Therapy and Play Therapy have always been a powerful force to help children reach out to the world.

Try Muxicall. If you need a partner, let me know. We can find a time to evaluate Muxicall for future use in the classroom and have fun.


Elise Tickner said...

That is really interesting. I'd like to try again when others are on.

Thanks for plurking your link

samccoy said...

Elise, I am glad you enjoyed it. It is quite fun when there are more people on Muxicall. I appreciate your comments.

brina1300 said...

Thanks for sharing Muxucall. I really had fun. It reminds me of the Zen sand gardens, very relaxing and enjoyable.

samccoy said...

@brina1300 Thanks for mentioning the Zen sand gardens. It does have that effect on a person. Glad you enjoyed it.

prepbooks said...

I loved the title of this post, You have really done a great a job, keep stuff like this coming.


samccoy said...

Steve, I was looking to include many more of the really cool, yet overlooked web applications that make learning fun. Thanks for the encouragement.