Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ada Lovelace Day: Honoring Tamsin WeatherPixie

Life often becomes more powerful through the relationships we make. Whether the opportunities are face-to-face or online, we can meet people in the most serendipitous ways. If it hadn't been for a fire in a Texas server center that shut down Weather Pixie, I would have never met Tamsin, the young woman, the talented programmer, who created Weather Pixie. I want to honor my Ada Lovelace Day pledge by sharing a brief description of her contribution to technology.

Tamsin is the programmer who developed the awesome widget called WeatherPixie or What to Wear. In my professional opinion, as an educator, I believe WeatherPixie is one of the most valuable web applications that teachers can use.

Not just educators love Weather Pixie, so you might want to try it out, especially if you like knowing about the weather. You can set up Weather Pixie for your area or for any area on Earth.

Weather Pixie is a web application or widget that anyone can use. I believe parents and educators of children of the preschool through elementary ages can use Weather Pixie to help little ones learn about the weather and what types of clothing to be worn each day. If it is raining, the Weather person (select a boy or girl) will have an umbrella or raincoat. When it is sunny and warm, they may wear shorts.

A colleague first shared Weather Pixie with me in September of 2007. In turn, I share it, as a widget and blog postings, with my readers. I hope you will download and use a Weather Pixie for your blog, website or wiki to teach your children or students or just for your own enjoyment.

Tamsin Bowles is a young, very resourceful programmer who appreciates her privacy. She lives in a metropolitan area of the United Kingdom where she works as a programmer. She made Weather Pixie because she wanted to keep up with the weather throughout the day, and we are the beneficiaries of her idea. If you like her work, you can donate at her website. She has a wishlist and Weather Pixie swag. Her family and peers have every reason to be very proud of her. I'm glad she loves technology and programming, and I look forward to hearing more from Tamsin in the future.


Anonymous said...

My students loved the Weather Pixie on our Wiki site which you wrote about last year. However, since about 2 weeks ago, the weather pixie site cannot be found. Does anyone know what has happened to it?
Thanks, Mary Beth

samccoy said...

Mary Beth:
Thanks for letting me know about Weather Pixie. I've sent a message to the programmer, since I noticed that her website is down. She tells me that it is a server issue, and she will have it up as soon as her data can be switched to a new server. It should be soon. Don't give up. You can reassure your students now.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to contact Tamsin.
She never respond to me :(
I think she should release the source code of the weather pixie program so that way more people would use it on their own hosting. \
I know it been very long that it been down.