Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lighten the Load

Lighten the load and save money on your electric bill. Test your various electric appliances and other devices with this inexpensive electronic gadget. Once you determine the electrical usage of each device, you can decide how to eliminate or control electricity usage. I've seen this gadget being demonstrated, and it is easy to use.

This could really help schools or businesses save money also.
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P3 International

P3 Kill A Watt Electricity Load Meter and Monitor

P3 International P4400 Kill A WATT Electricity Load Meter and Monitor

Feeling environmentally conscious? Worried about rising fuel and electricity costs? Cut down on those costs and find out which of your appliances, lamps and computers are actually are costing you the most! Just plug them into the Kill-A-Watt electricity usage monitor and it will tell you how efficient they are. The Kill-A-Watt’s easily-readable LCD display measures consumption by the kilowatt-hour, just like the electric company.
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Clif Mims said...

Interesting idea. Please let us hear your review of it if you actually get one.

All the best,

Daisy said...

Interesting gadget. I'm working on convincing Husband to look into solar panels. If we could even power the water heater, it would have a major impact.

Anonymous said...

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