Friday, March 6, 2009

Plumped Poster Presentation

Glogster is a very popular web application among teachers and students.

You can use Glogster as a static poster or background. For instance, I have seen glogsters used as backgrounds for wikispace pages.

I believe its most important use is as a front page portal to an entire presentation.
clipped from - New tool for education

New tool for education

Teachers, try education 2.0

Glogster is proud to present, a NEW addition to the site for all your educational needs!

  • Glogster provides master-accounts for teachers integrating all student accounts. Click for detailed info.
  • Register your class and try education 2.0 now. EDU accounts are PRIVATE. 
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    MMolishus said...

    Thanks for reminding me that I started accounts and for your good ideas!!! It's nice to have help with my memory.

    samccoy said...

    Glad to help. You reminded me why I love to read other blogs. Sometimes a new perspective makes all the difference.

    By the way, I think you might like Clipmarks. I use it to clip bits of websites, send bookmarks to other web applications and post to my blog. It is a great productivity tool, and I used to post this article.