Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring into Training

Sunset at T-Ball by Stuck in Customs
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Tim Walker, historian, writer and teacher shares ways to improve your work capabilities through specific "deliberate practice". His use of the Professional Baseball Spring Training analogy is effective and fun to read. This would be a good article for teachers to use with students. It's a good place to start when thinking of professional development or streamlining work to make it more fun.
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Those baseball players, young and old, go through practice regimes of increasing intensity over the weeks, preparing themselves to play full-bore by Opening Day. The best of them hone their games, winter and summer, through deliberate practice.

in the business world could emulate ballplayers
in their systematic pursuit of improvement. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Break your WORK down into components.

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Tim Walker said...

Thanks for your kind words -- glad you found my post useful!

samccoy said...

Yes, I always enjoy reading your blog. I am reminded that I need to subscribe or get the rss feed. Gotta do that now.

By the way, I'd just finished reading a blog posting that was so poor, I posted a critique to my blog. Later, I read yours. It was so refreshing and interesting. I shared your posting, as a counterpoint, with my Professional Learning Network.

Tim Walker said...

You're very kind! :)