Tuesday, January 1, 2008

n2teaching Recommendations for Photo Sharing

Do I recommend Flickr or Photobucket:

My n2teaching answer to Injenuity who asked in her gathering data stage for the development of a recommendation for the teachers she works with now.

One of my programming friends recommended smugmug over flickr, and his photographs are very professional looking. The smugmug website is highly recommended and aesthetically pleasing.

Currently, I use Flickr because other teachers were using it when I needed to put pictures online. I think that Flickr gained a presence early on and became officially recognized by many applications, especially when Yahoo purchased Flickr. Some Google applications, such as Blogger and Jaiku also recognize Flickr.

Since I first began to use Flickr, I have learned more about Photobucket because my tech-ed mentor uses it, as does my daughter and her friends. Photobucket has an immediate use function that is great when texting or in a webinar meeting and speed is necessary.

I don’t believe that you should limit yourself to one online photo application, especially since there are many differences in the uses of these applications.

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