Thursday, January 10, 2008

Make Way for Sun-Earth Day!

Even though Sun-Earth Day 2008 is not until later in the year, on or near the Spring Equinox, I know that teachers work schedules and plans become very full from now until the end of the school year....if that comes for you. It is easier to add something to your teaching protocol, lesson plans and fun activities if you have had time to think about it.

Throughout the next few months, I will provide information about activities, groups and lessons that you can use, or not, for Sun-Earth Day. Most of these can also be used in Science or Social Studies classes, even if you aren't making a special effort for Sun-Earth Day.

The pedagogical reason I make a big to-do over Earth/Sun Day is two-fold: one for the study of the environment and two for the study of MANY related science strands.

Besides, Earth/Sun Day is a great time of year to bring your learning activities outdoors, and so it is a great reason to have a learning party. UH-OH! I know I said party and learning in the same breath, but it is OK! Don't you like to learn? Isn't it fun when you learn? Don't you want to share that fun with your students, peers and community? Then what better way than participating in project based learning that culminates with a celebration of all that was learned?

This is my choice for the Blog Action Day for the Environment blog entry for Classroom2.0. It seems to me that ecolibris is a community action group that ties the virtual world with the real world in a sustainable manner.

Earlier in the year, I wrote about various online groups and activities that are oriented towards sustainability and the environment. One of those groups was Eco-Libris, so I went back to their website and checked on their progress. First I am including a "quote" from one of blog postings from CR2.0 for Blog Action Day, on October 15, 2007. Then I will close this posting with a summary of what I found during my update at ecolibris' website.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have favorite activities that probably require excess energy. I know most of us read books or still use paper....even though we are working to establish a "paperless" environment.

Each book that is published represents some pulpwood that was used to make the pages of that book. What if you could help by planting a tree for every book you read? For some of us, that would mean planting and entire forest.

Check out ecolibris, and see if their community project if something you would like.

I checked out Eco-Libris, and they have gained more partners, as well as acknowledment. They also have opportunities for collaboration (project based learning) for book clubs and other oriented towards selling and reading books. Here is a short summary of what EcoLibris is all about.

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