Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Go to the Source: Sustainable Energy for Technology

Energy is basic requirement for all life, and it is part of the fabric of the universe. It seems to me that research and practical application of micro-production of energy receives the short shrift in discussions about technology in education.

Who will reach the nexus of technology and science, and publicize our need for lightweight, dependable, safe energy packs?

Will the first adopters of this cause be the technology education professionals, scientists or ordinary folk, often referred to as consumers?

There are organic based energy microproduction units, including nanotube technologies. Researchers make designs and prototypes for mini-solar panels that can be part of your clothing.

I think that all people who use technology, especially web2.0 tech, including such tech gear as: cell phones, tablets, and handhelds, need to be more in tuned with sustainable energy production.

Here is what I propose to the researchers and clothing manufacturers: Put various types of energy microproduction units on our clothes, especially outer wear.

If I had an energy microproduction unit in or on my clothing today, my digital camera wouldn't have run out of energy. I had to replace the battery, and recharge the old one. This means that I cannot reuse this battery for at least 24 hours.

I know this research exists, and I know that we need its practical application in our lives now.

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