Monday, October 8, 2007

Where's the WiFi?

This is an excellent idea, and I think it would make a great Christmas present for your favorite tech diva, geek or Queen of E.

This cool t-shirt review was clipped from a great tech blog called, jkOn TheRun - Using Mobile Devices Since they Weighed 30 lbs. and is written by James Kendrick and Kevin Tofel.


Hey who needs to carry around a WiFi detector when they can just wear one instead? For $30, you won't need the WiFi detector, you'll BE the WiFi detector. This T-Shirt has a animated, removable decal on the front that lights up when it finds a 802.11 b/g network and the bars on the side light up to indicated the signal strength. You wouldn't want to cover that up with a jacket, now would you?

Three AAA batteries used to power the shirt sit in hidden, sewn-in pockets. Even though the shirt is 100% cotton, you can wash it in warm water and not have your WiFi range shrink. The shirt is a different story.

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