Saturday, October 13, 2007

High Technology

Using IR satellite technology, you can read this map and determine where the rain will occur. Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites tracking the cold and high cloud data from GOES.

This infrared satellite map of the Central Plains in the United States is very helpful for teachers and students studying practical meteorological tools that any person can access.

Why go to the untrained TV/Radio news reader when you can learn all about the weather and its forecasting yourself?

I love technology, especially technology that sent us to the moon.
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noaa logoGOES Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image

Meteorologists use color enhanced imagery as an aid in satellite interpretation. The colors enable them to easily and quickly see features which are of special interest. Usually they look for high clouds or areas with a large amount of water vapor.
infrared (IR) image cold clouds are high clouds
bar on the right side of the image indicates the pixel brightness values for the corresponding color
temperature can be determined from the following formulas:
current color enhanced goes east infrared image
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