Friday, April 23, 2010

Friendly Friday! "No One Is an Island!"

While I have been using Plurk more often, I still collaborate with a group of educators and other like minded people that use Twitter. I'm not alone in the world, and neither are you. I post to Twitter and check out the stream at particular moments in time, but I don't always see my entire stream. I always wonder if I'm missing something significant.
I've found an online tool, a way to capture the essence of those I follow. I'm using It's an online newspaper that's more than an rss feed. It has the look of a newspaper, and streams my Twitter contributions on the top fold. was created by Small Rivers to show how streaming data can be presented in an appealing way. At the moment their first "newspaper" style application is created from your Twitter feed, but the goal is to expand this web application for other streaming media.
If you haven't tried, I would recommend it.

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Abimbola said...

Thank you for the review..
Useful tool...