Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weather Widget Wrapup

How's the Weather where you live?
Do you need to know?
Knowing the weather and providing students a chance to read and analyze the weather report through online widgets educates them to find trends and even learn to predict based on available evidence.

Even though all weather reporting originates through, they do not offer a widget, so you can find many types of weather widgets from a multitude of other sources.

Are all weather widgets created equal? Are the weather reports for all weather widgets created equal? How are they the same? How the various weather widgets different? has a widget that can be used on your website or blog. You can also get a desktop or mobile widget.

Another weather widget was one I found at the Fort Hayes State University TECS 390 class network is part of a package of widgets that you can use on a website or blog called yourminis: web widgets

While there are over 60 variations of this weather widget, the weather information comes from the Weather Channel. When you provide a city or zip code, the weather report on the widget belongs to that locale.

The Great Yarmouth Wether Widget is the one that would be very adaptable, yet it has an interesting background that could be used as is.

Accu-Weather has a widget with a basic level that is free. There also premium services, but the basic widget has a nice background with a map.

This is the webpage widget, and there is code for a MySpace widget also.

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