Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opportunity: Using 3 Column Blog Templates

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As my n2teaching Hearts and Minds blog develops, I include new interactive applications for teachers, and I can't bear to delete the earlier ones. As far as I am concerned, if they were important enough to select as examples of applications that have educational value, I still want to keep them on my blog.

Having the widgets, badges and other interactive applications on my blog makes my second column very long, in comparison to the right side. I don't really think people access those applications located towards the bottom, and I would like to share these with readers and my PLN(Professional Learning Network)colleagues.

My current dilemma is partially created because I use my blog like a website. This is a necessary requirement in a way, since I want to keep my official professional development archives easy to access and simple to use

To solve the issues of reader accessibility, I decided that I should experiment with 3 column blog templates. My goal is to keep the blog post in a central position, yet have more information easily accessible for the reader.

I researched what is available for someone with rudimentary programming skills such as mine, and I found many examples that I would like to share. My basic criteria for the 3-column blog templates search were:

****minimalistic color and structure
****compatible with Blogger
****easy to adapt

I was greatly inspired by cgseibel's Technology for Learning blog where she uses a 3-column blog template, so I have looked for similar ones.

Here is a Diigo Webslides presentation of a small grouping that met my criteria.


Prairie Loon said...

Thanks for sharing! It was also nifty for me to see Diigo in action.

samccoy said...

Thanks! I really like the webslides that are automatically formed from Diigo lists of categorized bookmarks and group's bookmarks.

Reynold Hugh said...

Excellent One!
Blog Templates

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