Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Skype!

the skype payphone project by pt
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Mr. Robbo, The P.E. Geek, a colleague in my PLN (professional learning network) recently posted his teaching experiences with Skype. I agree with the basic premise of his post, Why Skype Is the Most Valuable Tool I Use. Yes, Skype is a great tool.

It seems strange, yet people often resist the most obvious and easiest internet path to use, free online tools. In my own case, I came to Skype recently, but it has revolutionized the way I communicate with my Professional Learning Network (PLN). What finally helped me begin to use Skype was encouragement from my peers.

Since my teen, as part of her official, school web applications, uses Skype in her Project Based Learning Activities, we discussed how she and her peers use Skype. Later, I wrote an article, Anticipate and Skype Your Reaction about a few of the many possible educational ways teachers could use Skype in their classrooms.

It seems to me that the increased communication capacities when using audio and video, as well as sharing links and screenshots make Skype one of the best free web applications to improve student access to teachers and their learning.


Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Sheryl

I've just recently posted an article I wrote and got published last year on the use of the webcam. The technology that popularised the webcam in recent years is Skype, of that there is no doubt.

Happy Skypeing!

Catchya later
from Middle-earth

samccoy said...

Thanks for sharing this excellent link. I just read your article, Learning with a Webcam. Soon, I want to read it again.

There were many ideas that I want to think about over time. The resources you used to develop them are greatly appreciated.

ariadna said...

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Bob said...

What is the latest of this technology? I notice it is more than 5 months when it discuss here.

KLoomis said...

I am kind of torn on the whole Skype in the classroom thing. I think teachers who use it asa tool with their student could find themselves in some type trouble wiht their school district.
I know that school districts are very stict about teachers having mayspace and facebook. They warn us each and every year about not including students on our friend pages, and not to communicate wiht them though those kind of sites.
I think technology must be embraced, and it is up to us teachers to adapt our teaching what our students use in order to teach them the best way possible. However, I think if teachers are web camming their students, that may be taking it too far. Now in cyber schools, I believe that it is a must that teachers use webcam.