Monday, November 10, 2008

WORDLE: A Practical Application

WORDLE has a function that allows users to submit any user name to make a non-linguistic representation of bookmark tags. You can analyze the use of various tags within your bookmarks and look for areas of great emphasis, synonymous tags or areas of little emphasis. Each of these areas of analysis can drive future teaching and writing related to your professional development plan and the school's curriculum map.

I created my delicious WORDLE that could be used formative assessment, summative assessment or self-assessment by analyzing this snapshot from November 10, 2007 of n2teaching delicious bookmarks

Here is another version of the same set of bookmarks on the same day that contains more words. Controlling the number of total words is an aspect of WORDLE that you can change within the layout function. Hopefully, these ideas will lead you to think of more ways to use WORDLE as an interactive tool, not just a toy.


Bill Gaskins said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas with Wordle. I wonder if you can do the same thing with Diigo!


samccoy said...

Bill, so good to hear from you, and thanks for commenting on my WORDLE.
The short answer is this: you can put any rss feed into WORDLE and create one with the data in that rss feed. So, I would imagine that you could create a Diigo WORDLE, since we can feed our Diigo bookmarks into our blogs, etc. Try it, and bookmark it to our new Wordle Group in Diigo. I hope you have joined, if not I would like to invite you to join.

murcha said...

I really like using wordle and I am sure that over time we will use it to even greater educational advantage. Last month one of my less able students used wordle on his own initiative to produce a poster advertising an evening function that was coming up for parents. It looked geat and the other students all used MS Work. I like your use of RSS feeds in delicious.
Also thanks for the two comments on day in a sentence. I put both in as I really liked both.

n2teaching said...

Anne, thanks for the comments and the story of your student using WORDLE. Would you share that on our Diigo WORDLE Group? You have definitely put so many of the best web applications to good use in your classroom.

I appreciate the compliments on the Day in a Sentence! I enjoy making examples that teachers can use in their teaching/learning.

Kobus van Wyk said...

These suggestions are greatly appreciated - there are so many tools available, that one tends to gloss over them as just 'another one of those' until one gets a very practical demonstration of how it could be used. Thank you very much.

n2teaching said...

Kobus, Thanks for the kind words. Ideas or suggestions for using a particular technology, including web applications, help improve the teaching/learning process.

Many others are writing about WORDLE, so I started a Diigo WORDLE group. Join us there.