Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who I Am in the Here and Now

Who I Am w/caption
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This is the mosaic I developed from various pictures from my area and life to share in @bookjewel's excellent idea to help promote and share our PLN (professional learning network) as she detailed in her latest post, ‘PLN Reflections’: sharing ideas and building relationships.

Each person from our PLN who volunteered to share in this presentation, added a slide to a Google presentation file. I selected one of Mahatma Ghandi's inspriational quotes.

Take charge of what you can do to change your world. There is so much potential for professional development and in teaching students in this wonderful project idea. Thanks to @bookjewel.


loonyhiker said...

This was a really neat mosiac and I loved the quote you used.

samccoy said...

Thanks for the positive comment. I used BigHugeLabs online application that combines pictures into a mosaic, poster or other display technique. I am glad that people like you and @bookjewel are in my PLN. I learn so much that I can share with others in my Profesional Learning Network.

Bookjewel said...

I love the mosaic! The response to this small project suggests we will only get better and bigger. Our 'PLN Reflections' slideshow is only the beginning

samccoy said...

Yes, I believe you have fleshed out a wonderful idea for developing presentations among any group, even those who work asynchronously, just as we did. Thanks for sharing your innovation and initiative.