Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vision of Innovation

Photo by Alex // Berlin (away for 3days)
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Encouraging students to use their youthful strength, the plasticity of their brain function to create or innovate is the passion of Toshiba in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association. To fulfill their passion, they created the ExploraVision Award.

When NSTA and Toshiba think of creativity and innovation, they refer to innovation in future technology, and that includes all areas of life. From previous discussions, you may think about Who is a Science Teacher? Students can pursue creative thinking through purposeful, structured means, such as lateral thinking, or they may have a unique idea, a brainstorm, that could change how some common object is used. Their creative thinking may be more unstructured and it could create a totally new process or product. Either way, students can be encouraged to explain and share their ideas for an opportunity to earn scholarships for themselves and technology for their school.

Encourage teachers to help students participate in Toshiba/NSTA's ExploraVision opportunity. Whether they win an ExploraVision award or not, they will learn to collaborate, explain and enjoy the process of creative thinking. Can you help?


Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora SAMCCOY!

Creation and innovation suggests freedom in the mind. Yet creation and innovation tend to be initiated by constraint. They simply show that the mind cannot truly be constrained - that any perceived constraint is entirely in the mind.

Ka kite from Middle-earth

samccoy said...

Yes Ken, I think that limiting aspect of our individual mind acts as a fulcrum that balances creativity and innovation to status quo maintenance. While either may be good, they can also be harmful if you are stuck on either side of the constraint.

Taking too many chances by not seeing constraints can be just as dangerous as not taking any chances by seeing too many constraints.

Thanks for your very insightful comments. I found your blog and enjoyed reading various posts. What I Learnt from Computer Games was a recent posting that I enjoyed reading.