Monday, July 7, 2008

WORDLE: Summer Time Writing Together

Some of my favorite edtech bloggers are using Wordle, to make word clouds from a text sample. The resulting visualization is great. I want to learn how to use Wordle, so I decided this was the best opportunity to begin another PLN activity. I am selecting various blog posts that are important to me, inserting the text into the Wordle generator and posting the resulting Wordle.

The Wordle in this post was created from the wonderful Day In A Sentence submissions for the July 4th week. Established by Kevin Hodgson(DogTrax), this week's Day In A Sentence was sponsored by the authors of TechnoSeeds


Heidi Pence said...

I love anything artistic and wordle adds that dimension to words of any kind. I think it is brilliant!

Jose Rodriguez said...

I used wordle this week also with my class after reading book about peace and looking at the word peace in 144 different languages. I can definitely see the potential. Love the graphics, I just had a bit of trouble embedding the image on my blog.

samccoy said...

Heidi, thanks for your gracious comment. I think the visual appeal and the traditional use of vocabulary will open wide vistas for any teacher wanting to use WORDLE in their teaching practice.

samccoy said...

Thanks for the comment and the instructional strategy tip for Wordle.

I had the same problem with blurry Wordles, until I read Joyce Seitzinger's EdTech Bach posting called Wordle Fun

She mentioned taking out all the spaces in the code, but I use blogger. I decided to reduce the pixel size as far as I could and still read it in my blog.

That tip worked for me. I will also use bolder colors for Wordles I use in blog postings.