Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Mind of a Teacher in Summer

This is my contribution to Keven Hodgson's project, The Day in a Sentence, from Kevin's Meandering Mind. I will post this on this week's guest host blog, TechnoSeeds, by TechnoGeek, Barbara K.

Think of summer as a time for clearing the mind of all the great ideas we have during the school year, a cleansing experience.

This refers to all the work we do over the summer to finish and release projects that have lay dormant in our minds all through the school year.

I love this project, and I hope you will agree it is a worthy effort to making writing fun.


Kevin said...

I am glad you will be submitting some words this week to Barb's site for Day in a Sentence.


samccoy said...

Thanks Kevin. My goal is to contribute every week! I am almost there. If I model this "Day in a Sentence" on a steady basis, I think it will be easier to explain it and encourage its use among teachers.