Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cast Your Web2.0 - Vote: Webware 100

One of the most exciting aspects of the interactive internet, is the basic premise that the web2.0 experience is distinctive. Your voice can count, and you don't have to be a great guru of tech to express your viewpoints, preferences and evaluations.

I voted in the 2008 Webware 100 Awards

Last night, a contact from my Jaiku group reminded us that it was time to vote in the Webware 100 competition. I did. When you vote, you get a small badge for your website which is a symbiotic assistant.

When you display the Webware 100 Voting badge, you are accomplishing some important goals for yourself, the Webware100 team and CNET. One, it shows the people that you are interested in that you are interested in what web2.0 applications are still around tomorrow. Two, it reminds your readers that they should vote for their favorite web2.0 applications. Three, it helps the Webware100 team get the world out that evaluation and review are continuing.

This type of review combines the expertise of the professional and the amateur;D I think this symbiosis helps all of us, because it is one more tool in our web2.0 toolbox that we can use to sort through the various applications that may be of service to us, personally and in groups. I may be an amateur, but I know what works for me. CNET may be the expert in reviewing all that is tech, but they need to know what we, the consumer, thinks of these web application.

So, instead of thinking of myself as an amateur, professional or semi-professional, I like to think that we are all important characters in this online ecosystem of web applications and social interactions.

Go VOTE! Support your most cherished webware.

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