Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Robins On Their Way

Spring is on its way in North America. As our part of Earth tilts and revolves back into Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere, it seems that everyone is worn out from the Winter weather, snow, ice, rain, sleet, thunder and lightning, where I live.

Children, adults, and even the animals anticipate Spring. We are eager for Earth to return to its Spring position. We actually live in a place where there are four seasons, even though Spring and Fall are fairly short-lived.

Around here, the bad weather won't stop, but the temperatures will increase. As the increase begins in the Spring, all the animals who took a vacation in the warm southern climes will return to their summer homes here.

One of those returning is a pretty little bird named the American Robin. The robin arrives before most other migrating songbirds, and it has a beautiful mix of songs and chirps for the important new beginnings of Spring.

Now, if you ever hear the expression(idiom, saying), "The early bird gets the worm!", you will know what it means. The people who coined this phrase originally referred to the American Robin, the early bird. When the robin moves north, the temperature is just right for earthworms to begin moving above ground.

The earthworm is a major food source for the American Robin. These birds need them to feed their new American Robin hatchlings once they arrive on the scene. Hungry babies need food to help them grow.

This epic migration is all a part of the cycle of life in North America.

To celebrate the arrival of the American Robin in North America, I have constructed a short Voki. I hope you will appreciate another aspect of Voki. Teachers and students could use Voki to animate or provide information in a variety of lessons or projects.

I hope this Voki example helps you think of even BETTER ways to use Voki in your classroom AND at home. Let's don't forget our own babies;D

Get a Voki now!

Please comment about the Voki or the American Robin. I would love to hear from you;D

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