Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Specifics: Baby Callie, A Casualty of the Unvaccinated

This little piggy (EXPLORED) by Insight Imaging: John A Ryan Photography
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  • Baby Callie, died this year, 2010, because someone who was not vaccinated gave her pertussis, also called "Whooping Cough". This disease is a scary way for a baby to die. 
  • Are you vaccinated? 
  • Is your family vaccinated?
If you or your family are not vaccinated, I hope you will avoid contact with others. You have the potential to be death dealers.
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Baby Callie was a miracle baby to Katie and Craig VanTourhout of South Bend, Ind. After four miscarriages, Katie VanTourhout got pregnant again in 2009 and this time it was a success.

It was an easy, healthy pregnancy, VanTourhout said her doctors told her. Her doctor made sure she had flu shots, she said. And then, six weeks before she was due, Callie Grace was born on Christmas Day.

But when Callie was a couple weeks old, she developed a cough, so the VanTourhouts checked in with their pediatrician.

Although Katie VanTourhout said doctors told them it was nothing too serious, the cough persisted, and during a return visit to the doctor, Callie stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital.

Two days later, at 38 days old, Callie stopped breathing again and could not be saved.
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