Friday, March 7, 2008

Pi R Not Squared, Pie Are Round

Pi, the famous, yet elusive constant seems veiled in children's minds. Let's help open the blinds, and let the sunny day shine on Pi Day. A wonderfully fun, learning celebration is here. Inviting our students to celebrate Pi Day will reward our schools with learning and fun.

What? You haven't put your Pi Day preparations in order? Well, let's gear up. Only eight more days, until Pi Day.Teachers, students, parents and communities across the world celebrate Pi Day on March 14,2008. Yup! Yup! Yup! That's right, 3.14, the day, we celebrate the most famous constant in the world.Pi Day Countdown

When looking for resources, here are two great websites I would recommend you begin your search. started in March, 2001 by a high school calculus student, Dan Hellerich. Since then his website, has become a good educational resource when preparing to celebrate Pi Day. Dan still produces this website with Kevin Fusselman. Through the years, I have used this site, with my teaching team, to find ways for all the teachers to participate in Pi Day.

The Exploratorium has many resources teachers can use for Pi Day Celebrations.

Consider a Pi Day celebration. In Science, we would say it is a natural phenomenon for learning. A wide range of classes, such as Social Studies, Science, Math and Tech can be involved, along with the Arts and Humanities. Ask the journalism classes join in celebrating. They can take pictures, videos, and audio to commemorate the occasion.

If you celebrate Pi Day, please share and leave a comment here. I would be happy to learn about it.

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On Pi Day, Everyone's A Winner: Pie Judging Score Sheet: Flickr username: "aquarian librarian"

Pie Day: Before
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stoneTeacher said... I have to disagree. In this case, Pie Are Squared on Pi Day!

Kobus van Wyk said...

Absolutely amazing what one could do (and the lenghts you are going) to help learners come to grip with difficult concepts.