Wednesday, November 14, 2007

There's No Place Like Home!

Have you ever experienced that moment in the autumn when you REALLY know it is autumn? Remember the moment when all the oaks, maples and other colorful trees are shouting out in their brightly colored pageantry, and you want to sing with the natural world?

Well, today was that day for me, and I would like to share the experience. These pictures would be excellent to use for desktop backgrounds, teaching resources and other activities.

When I first noticed the streamers of autumn fire on the streets of my town, I drove all around to take pictures of public places and various scenes that would be recognizable, but not identifiable. I would recommend that process. I don't have to get permission from homeowners or people, so I try to get these types of pictures for:

* science lessons
* story starters
* history lessons
* recreation
* Geocaching
* interactive activities

There are other pictures in my picture cache. Please use them in your class, if you would like. I would appreciate it if you would cite my name if you use them online.

Enjoy this gorgeous autumn in Kansas! There is no place like home!

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