Saturday, August 25, 2007

Preparing for long term human life in space

I am always glad when the researchers look into the smallest of living organisms to see how bacteria will cope and can humans survive in space over the long term, as the immune system becomes suppressed over time.
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researchers rocketed six refrigerated vials of bacteria into orbit, then
had the space
shuttle crew
warm them up so that they could grow. After 15 hours and 30
minutes, the bacteria were chilled to -139 degrees Fahrenheit (-95 Celsius).

locked the bacteria at whatever stage they were at ... so we get a picture of
what they were like in space at that time, which is the cool part," Niesel said. While the bacteria grew in space, Niesel and his team performed the same experiment on
the ground for comparison.

should be able to see the differences that result when the bacteria see this
unique space environment," Niesel said of the two perfectly synced
experiments. "We think it will provide important information for
understanding the adaptation of bacteria to unique environments and begin to
answer the question of whether this species is a cause for concern for
long-duration space travelers."

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